Apr 2
520.29 acres (+/- ) Good Productive Farm, Veedersburg, IN Area

Norma Hilleary Trust

  •   Apr 2 @ 10:00am EDT (Start)
  •   Apr 2 @ 1:00pm EDT (End)
Good productive farm in the Veedersburg area and is selling in five sperate tracts. Tracts I & II are located approximately 4 miles South of Veedersburg, IN. Tract I boarders RTE 41. Tract II Boarders Crumrin Road. Tracts III-V are located 2 miles South of Veedersburg, IN and 2 miles West of RTE 41, sitting on the Southwest corner of Bonebreake Road and County Road 100W. The primary soils are associated with the Ockley, Mahalaland, Silverwood, & Waynetown complex. These soils carry a corn productivity index of 141.5 bu/ac and a 46.4 bu/ac soybean yield. Lease is open for 2024.

Sep 20
167 ac (+/-) Good productive Farm, Lake Village, IN Area

Melrose Schoon Estate

  •   Sep 20 @ 10:00am CDT (Start)
  •   Sep 20 @ 1:00pm CDT (End)
Good productive farm in the Lake Village area selling in three separate tracts with good access by all weather roads to each tract. This farm is located just 1/2 mile south of State Route 10 with tract 1 bordered by Meridian Road on the west side and tracts 2 & 3 are bordered by County Road 100E. The farm has been farmed continuously by members of the Schoon family.   Market outlets for grain are readily available and create a competitive market for corn and soybeans.   The primary soils are associated with the Zadog-Granby complex. These soils carry a corn productivity index of 143.3 bu/ac and a 36 bu/ac soybean yield.  Lease is open for 2024. Possession for preparation of 2024 crops will be granted following severance of the 2023 crops.  

Jul 19
47.69 acres south edge of Hoopeston, Illinois

Donna Farris Trust

  •   Jul 19 @ 10:00am CDT (Start)
  •   Jul 19 @ 1:00pm CDT (End)
This offering is a good farm loaded with possibilities located in the heart of Hoopeston, Illinois' South town development. This land is being offered in two separate tracts located about 3/4 of a mile South of Route 9 with South 2nd Street dividing the two tracts and South 6th Street bordering the West edge of Tract 2. The tracts will be sold separately but simultaneously during the same on-line time frame. The farm is currently custom farmed with possession granted to the buyer immediately upon closing. The seller's interest in the 2023 growing crops will be transferred to the buyer subject to reimbursement from buyer for all expenses incurred up to closing.  

Mar 29
159.62 Irrigated Mason County acres 1/2 mi SE of Easton, IL

Ezten Farm

  •   Mar 29 @ 10:00am CDT (Start)
  •   Mar 29 @ 1:00pm CDT (End)
Excellent irrigated farm located near Easton,IL. Good prime soils comprised of primarily Plano,Thorp,and Proctor Silt Loams witih average PI of 131.9. High % corn base at 142.04 acres. Very well maintained by current operator with Average pH - 6.4, P1 - 109, K1 - 450. Owner will provide 2023 crop preparation which included chiseling in 200# of potash per acre.  Lease is open for 2023.

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